You are FINE!

Free, Inspired, Nurtured, Evolving

Your true self is more wondrous than the person you may see in the mirror. You are not your appearance, mistakes, confusion or emotions. You are the light of all creation being expressed uniquely and perfectly. You are FINE in the highest sense of that word: free, inspired, nurtured, and evolving.

The purpose of this site, and my service in the world, is to remind you of who you really are. I offer what will seem like magical shifts in consciousness and how you experience life as well as practical tools to those ends.

Even if you have been stuck and struggling for a very long time, because your truth is so much greater, you can feel free again. Confusion may have been a long time visitor, but inspiration lives in you and you can find it. You may feel alone but, beyond that feeling, deeper within you, is a source of nurturing that has no limits. No matter how many missteps you have taken, how much verbal abuse you have heaped upon yourself, you can come to accept yourself and honor yourself as one who is evolving, shining more light every day.

Do you ever stop to think how you came to see yourself as less than FINE? Our common usage of this word gives us a hint. Does this sound familiar?

“Stop crying. You’re fine!”

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.”

Most of us, in the USA, are taught from an early age to discount our inconvenient, uncomfortable feelings. We learn different suppression strategies and begin a long journey of separation from our true selves and our innate fineness!

Without this inner connection, we lose the ability to trust ourselves. This results in chronic anxiety. We can’t find safety without an inner compass to guide us. And without guidance we remain stuck! This results in deep depression. Life seems meaningless when we feel anything but fine. It results in difficult relationships as we project our inner discontent on others and attract partners who will confirm our imagined unworthiness. Often it results in obesity and other health issues because we have a core belief that something is wrong with us and so our bodies cooperate with that unconscious suggestion.

Mired in these conditions, we lock ourselves in a prison of our own negative thinking. Luckily, because we have done this to ourselves (albeit aided by others’ harsh treatment) we have the power to get ourselves out of prison. It begins by changing our minds and opening our hearts. That is what I will help you do.

Please scroll around this site for practical strategies and resources to help you get home to FINE!


I can help you with:

Relationships * Self-Confidence * Childhood Abuse and Trauma * Life Transitions * Life Purpose * Positivity * Grief * Depression * Anxiety * Chronic Pain * Loneliness * Self-Sabotage * Weight Reduction * Smoking Cessation * Phobias * Sports Performance * Stress Management * Past Life Regression * Spiritual Crisis



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